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Tim Weiss

Our team has kicked off the year by celebrating our best and brightest employees of 2022. While we recognize the great efforts of our team players and value all of our employees hard work and dedication, not everyone gets chosen as the MVP. Every year we choose the Most Valuable Player and this year we’d like to congratulate the 2022 MVP, Tim Weiss. Mr. Weiss is a second time MVP, first achievement was in 2011. Tim stated,  “I was shocked the first time and I was shocked this time.”
Throughout the year Tim has continually demonstrated his versatility and willingness to step in when needed. Tim’s 15 years of experience at Oliver shines through. His primary job is working in assembly and building crates that ship our machines. However, there is not one department on the factory floor Tim has not worked in. Welding, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Primer Paint, Shipping, Machine Maintenance, you name it!

Production Manager Dustin Jackson, former Assembly Team Lead had an awful lot of praise for Tim. Here’s what he had to say, “Three words come to mind when I hear Tim’s name, proud, loyal, and humble.” Tim is a man of great character; Tim is the proverbial man behind the curtain; although he is a man who isn’t easily missed by your eyes, he can be a ninja! Back in 2019 we were short staffed in assembly so I had asked a couple people in metal and fab to help, Tim was one of them. As I was balancing  tasks throughout the assembly process, I would go to get something done and noticed it had already been completed, guess who’d done it, Ninja Tim. I truly had no idea Tim had been doing all these things, and he never said anything either! Beginning of 2020 I knew I needed Tim on my TEAM in final assembly, over the past two years Tim has hands down been not only a great addition in assembly but everywhere he goes!”

Tim is a teacher, a leader, a great listener, a proud father, a husband and a wonderful friend. He always has the best attitude. His love for his work and the people around him is worthy of admiration. Weiss stated, “Working here is a one of a kind opportunity, you can’t learn what we do anywhere else in the word, everything we do is unique to our business.” When we asked Tim what was the best thing about winning MVP of the year, he replied, “Going home to share the news my wife and son, they hugged me and told me they were proud of me. That is the best feeling in the world!”

Thank you Tim, truly, for all the hard work, dedication, character, and friendship!

Tim WeissPictured Brian Burney, President & CEO with Tim Weiss, 2022 MVP


Katie Hershey

There are many congratulations to go around for Mrs. Katie Hershey. Recently promoted to Senior Accountant and recently married to Mr. Ty Hershey. She has been with Oliver Manufacturing for a total of 2 years and has managed 1 year of marriage. Katie received her finance degree at UNC (University of Northern Colorado) and fast-tracked to her graduation in just 3 years. If there is one thing you should know about Katie, it’s that she is an organizational guru. She is naturally neat, punctual, and detail-oriented. Just the kind of person you need in accounting! Melanie Burney, Director of Finance commented, “Katie has been a wonderful addition to our team! A self-starter that is hardworking, driven, and fun, she thrives on learning and expanding her knowledge, skills, and responsibilities. I am excited for her long-term career at Oliver!” 

​​​​Katie plans on staying, she stated Otero County is where she plans to settle down and have a family. She can’t imagine herself being anywhere else. When asked what she loves about Oliver, Katie said without a doubt, “the people!”

When she’s not spending time crunching numbers in an excel spreadsheet, Katie loves watching movies and spending time out on the water. Oh, and not to forget the fun family nights playing Nerts! Nerts is a fast-paced card game, sometimes played by up to 14 players if you play with the Hershey’s. We look forward to beating you in a game of Nerts and working with you for years to come. Congratulations Katie, keep up the great work!

Katie Hershey

Elaine Miller

You know she’s a keeper when you don’t want to say goodbye! Most know Elaine by her warm face and voice here at Oliver. It’s hard to imagine a day without a welcome greeting from her. Elaine has been a part of Oliver for 24 years and is planning on retiring when the mark hits 25 years in May 2023. When asked about what she wants to do
with retirement, Elaine responded “whatever I want, I’m going to enjoy livin’ life!” Her position at Oliver touches multiple departments: production, sales, engineering, accounting, purchasing, and reception. However, Elaine goes beyond her line of duties and cannot merely be tied to a job title. Not only does her positive attitude illuminate the office, but so do her delicious baked goods. Don’t think we’ll let her get away without sharing a recipe or two.

Elaine is a one-of-a-kind employee who has been with us through it all. During our interview, we reminisced about the good ol’ times of doing business in the late 90s. Not many people can remember a time when we did most of our paperwork on actual paper. Everything was handwritten and typed on the typewriter and sent out via mail or fax. Back when we received our spam mail from, “The Prince of Saudi Arabia”! Or the time when no one left work early and you worked until the second you heard the announcement come over the intercom saying, “Let’s Go Home.” Or even the time when Geoff Burney was the CEO and the guys in the shop was his pit crew for NASCAR. Or even the time we had an office cat, which Elaine has gracefully taken care of since our move in 2014.
All these memories are cherished and valuable to the history of Oliver Manufacturing. We are very glad to have such a wondrous woman be a part of the Oliver family and team.

Elaine Miller

Luis Ruiz, 2021 MVP

A long-standing tradition began in the 1970s by a man named Mac Mcnutt who worked alongside our founder, Oliver Steel. Mac was known to be an exemplary employee who managed and oversaw the production floor. The Mac award became a staple of honorary Oliver employees, each who rightfully earned recognition for their outstanding efforts. The award later became known as the Most Valuable Player award in 2003.

Every year we award an employee exemplifying outstanding efforts. In 2021 our MVP went to Luis Ruiz. Luis is a utility player on and off the field. He primarily works in Fabrication out on the production floor, however, that doesn’t stop him from lending a hand when needed in other departments

President Brian Burney stated, “Ruiz was the most consistent and most talked about employee throughout the entire year, his efforts did not go unnoticed and that’s why we named Ruiz the Most Valuable Player.”  

Ruiz was born and raised in Rocky Ford, Colorado. He’s been working at Oliver for two years and when asked what he enjoys most about the job he explains, “The hands-on learning experiences I acquire from co-workers, I never feel held back when it comes to learning a new skill. Plus, you can’t forget the great characters and personalities of the guys out here, they will make the day go by.”

​​​​​At 37 years of age Luis stays in shape by playing softball, a sport he’s known and loved for 10 years. He’s played every position but has found himself in the outfield and anyone who knows the game knows you can’t play softball without having good outties on your team.   It was an honor to sit across from Luis and hear about how passionate he is about putting his best foot forward. This silent leader has his first award under his belt, and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. He looks forward to making his name known yet again in hopes to win another MVP award.

Ruiz’s hunger to achieve new heights just keeps growing, “I know I can’t win this award back-to-back, but I’m going to make it hard for the other guys to get it. It won’t stop me from trying.”

Image of Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz