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Oliver Manufacturing to Host the Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative

The Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative (CHPC) is a new organization designed to support the emerging industry. It’s issuing an open call for  interested parties to attend a Co-Founder Shareholder Invitation Meeting. Oliver Manufacturing will host the meeting on February 24, 2018, at 1 p.m.

Duane Stjernholm has big ideas for hemp. The plant itself is incredibly versatile in its industrial uses, but getting into hemp farming can be a costly operation. Stjernholm, Co-Founder of CHPC along with his wife, Carly, believes a statewide cooperative can network farmers with business interests. The coop will purchase and lend harvesting and processing equipment to growers. It also seeks to develop the hemp market. This includes textiles, twine, clothing, food and animal feed, and etc.

“The Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative is a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA). It will provide seed to sale harvesting and processing services to Industrial Hemp Industry in Colorado,” Stjernholm says. “Under an LCA, every shareholder gets one vote regardless of how many shares they own.  The Cooperative distributes profits to the Shareholders on a yearly basis.  CHPC’s focus is on the seeds and stalks of the Hemp plant. Seeds and stalks are processed for food, oil, building materials, paper, and many other products.  The CHPC will contract with local Hemp Growers for their crops and help develop markets for raw materials produced from processing the seeds and stems.”

Duane Stjernholm coordinated with Oliver’s Brian Burney, and La Junta Economic Development’s Danelle Berg, Rachel Patrick and Cynthia Nieb, to organize the meeting.

We invite anyone interested to attend, and also to share the word! While the cooperative will function statewide, Duane is particularly excited about the potential it offers to the Arkansas Valley and Southeastern Colorado.

“The CHPC will purchase harvesting equipment, seed separation/cleaning equipment, and decorticator line equipment. The coop will provide operational processing facilities to the La Junta area and other parts of Colorado as the needs for such processing facilities grow.  Once the hemp plant’s seeds and stems are processed, the result is raw materials that can be utilized in over 25,000 products.  This provides opportunities to bring economic stimulus to not only the Hemp Growers, but also to anyone and any area that is interested in producing some of these products.”

You Won’t Want to Miss This Meeting

Colorado hemp meeting
Co-Founder Shareholder Invitational Meeting

If you find this subject matter interesting, then it would serve you well to stay tuned! We have a lot of great hemp content that is working its way through the pipeline.