Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is where Oliver’s  processing equipment began. Our separators have been separating cracked, damaged, diseased, lightweight or contaminated edibles and seed grains, since the 1930’s. With many of these Oliver machines from those years still in service, you could say we’re here to stay.

As we look to the future Oliver strives to improve seed processing technologies for the betterment of people who use our machines. With daily meetings to discuss new ideas, brainstorm through problems, and talk about everything going on in the factory you could say we stay at the top of our game 24/7.
With a reputation that is built on performance to add in to the mix we hold true to our roots, while moving forward to the future. Because of this we try to find new industries that could be helped through our machines. With more industries comes an ongoing Research & Development that never stops. We’re always looking for new crops that can take advantage of our machines’ ability to process impurities/ sort more precisely and effectively.

Below are our industries we currently are serving to. If you’re product isn’t listed don’t hesitate to reach out and find out if we can help you. After all, we are striving to process for a more productive planet

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