Oliver offers a number of advantages that appeal to corn processors looking to improve both quantity and accuracy in separations. Adjustability is your best tool, as better control increases accuracy and builds volume. For a more thorough separation, our rectangular deck shape and the configuration of the high side gate combine to provide longer dwell time in processing. On separations that don’t require so much fine tuning, high side gates help push capacity through additional good material capture. This is particularly pronounced on the Maxi-Cap, the highest capacity separator available. For processors facing demands of both accuracy and control, our adjustable end raise, an Oliver exclusive, expands the overall range of flow rates. And the automated setup and operation of Voyager and Maxi-Cap Platinum separators makes integration with existing PLC-driven electronic plant control networks single-wire simple.

Oliver’s Fluidized Bed Dryers use gentle vibration and controlled air circulation to quickly and thoroughly dry products of artificially introduced moisture before it is absorbed. Also, Oliver Destoners add value to corn harvests and minimize process losses and damage on other machinery by removing heavy contaminants (such as glass, dirt, stones and metal) from larger quantities of lighter seed. And, for safe, easy and efficient raw product sorting within 0.008″ accuracy, the Oliver Precision Size-Right uses the tightest screen tolerances available.

All Oliver machines feature outstanding durability and low maintenance; which is key in installations where machines can run around the clock. In most cases, our coated overcovers extend longevity by up to 5 times the normal amount. So, save time and money when it comes to separating your corn today.

Applicable Products For Corn:

Size Right® Precision Sizer
Fluidized Bed Dryer/Cooler