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Deck Hold-Down Assembly

HD-Deck-Hold-DownEasy-to-install swivel T-bolt and slotted angle that replaces a small clamp and clip. Significant improvement over the old spring clip deck hold down system, and already proven on Maxi-Cap series. Also available on Hi-Cap machines, when upgrading to new Aluminum Deck Carriage. Available for Hi-Cap Gravity Separators and Destoners with wood decks.

Ratcheting Clamping Handle

Racheting-Clamp-HandleReplaces the round clamp knob for faster and easier side tilt and end raise. The ratchet action is fast and easy to use and the long handgrip provides additional leverage.

Coated Overcover

Coated-OvercoverMore aggressive separation surface with better process performance and up to five times longer wear over standard steel. Improves traction between screen and product, increasing performance efficiency. Better results on both agricultural commodities and industrial materials, on Gravity Separator or Destoner.

Modular Deck

Modular-DeckReplacement Oliver Decks for dryers and larger separators available in assemblies of two or more smaller sections. Consist of up to five sections in varying lengths from 3 1⁄2′ to 6′. Smooth seams provide continuous flow of product. Features substantially heavier aluminum and stainless deck rail set and clamping. Designed for tight installations or narrow clearances between machines and walls. Simplifies disassembly for cleaning, repair or switch out and storage. Also allows easier and more cost-effective product processing switchover between different products when particle sizes vary widely. Easier to ship for repair or maintenance. Makes deck removal a single person job. Ideal replacements for worn decks.

Tuff-Flo Urethane Lining

Tuff-flow-Urethane-LiningSpray-on interior coating that significantly extends the life and durability of blender trough and discharge hopper. Also decreases noise and reduces product damage. Available on new machines or replacement blender troughs and discharge feed hoppers.

Square-to-Round Discharge Transitions

E-Z-Flo-Discharge-HopperConverts stock square discharge outlets to round for direct attachment. Available as individual retrofittable pieces. Offered in 4″ and 6″ sizes.

Vibratory Product Feeders

Vibrating-FeederAssures consistent product flow on materials prone to jamming at the intake. Can be installed with or without a dust hood to assist in uniform product flow, critical to separation efficiency. Controlled through a touch screen on the Maxi-Cap Platinum and Voyager Gravity Separators.

Air Chest Dividers

Air-Chest-DividersVertical air dividers installed between the fan and the bottom of the deck. Enable more accurate control over the adjustment of individual fans, controlled through a rheostat. Standard equipment on Master and Maxi-Cap Series Gravity Separators and Destoners and all Hi-Cap machines manufactured after January 1991. Can be retrofitted to most older Hi-Cap Gravity Separators.

Electrical Panels & Junction Boxes

Electric-Panels-and-Junction-BoxesConcentrates all electrical components including breakers, motor starters, VFDs, fuses and PLCs in a single disconnect enclosed design. Saves on installation time and expense. Covered under the full three-year warranty, and available in a most worldwide voltages.

Deck Rails with Horizontal Release Gate For Hi-Cap Gravity Separators

Deck-Rails-with-Horizontal-ReleaseLong horizontal gates that introduce vertical separation, releasing material from the heaviest part of stratification. Controlled from the operator station, to eliminate walking around the machine to adjust. A cleaner design for more functional and efficient separation across a larger cross section of material flow.

Upgraded Deck Clamping System

Upgraded-Deck-Clamping-SystemConnects carriage to deck with stronger Voyager-style technology, less susceptible to structural fatigue. Aluminum tubing construction with standard over-the-counter half-inch bolts.

Aluminum Deck Carriage

Aluminum-Deck-CarriageRedesigned deck-supporting structure increases overall rigidity of carriage and deck, eliminating flex, improving separation and extending life cycle. Tubular aluminum construction for enhanced corrosion resistance, better longevity and improved wash down capability. Now standard on all Oliver equipment, and retrofittable to old Hi-Cap Gravity Separators and Destoners.

Corner Cutoff Plate

Corner-Cut-Off-PlateFor Maxi-Cap Gravity Separators

Triangular stainless steel plate for feed end, high side corner on Maxi-Caps. Improves product distribution and better concentrates airflow for more effective separation. Standard on new models and easily retrofittable to older models.