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Revisiting 90 Years' Worth of Innovation

History Museum
Old Oliver machines dating as far back as the 1930s.

Oliver Manufacturing’s industrial warehouse has all one might imagine. Situated in the midst of Colorado’s rural plains it has beautiful sunsets every day. During the day time dust hangs in the air. Hot flashes of light spring up from welders and the occasional rumblings of one machine to another echo throughout the building. But in one small corner, tucked away from the more familiar factory turf, one can find something unexpected. A history museum. The exhibit is small, but rich with history. It features decades of old machines from the 1950s, 60’s and 70’s. Most of the models still running and having twins operating for clients all around the world.

The oldest item on display, a gravity separator, was manufactured in the late 30’s or early 40’s. Its age is betrayed by its out of date wooden frame and triangular deck. Which, was standard for gravity separators until Founder Oliver Steele patented the rectangular deck design in 1956. The next machine in the exhibit, a 1986 Maxi-Cap, the sixteenth machine in its line ever built.

“Oliver’s History Museum area connects our staff, customer visitors, and student tours to the evolution of both our company’s history – starting in St. Louis, MO – and to our line of automated gravity separators over the years,” says Brian Burney, President and CEO of Oliver Manufacturing.

The museum provides historical context to Oliver Manufacturing’s drive to innovate. Guests are encouraged to peruse the pages of archives. In them are old Oliver advertorials, staff appearances in the press and photos. Including, coverage of retired President Geoff Burney’s many ventures into the world of professional racing.

It’s easy to be drawn into the  documents and  photographs that represent Oliver’s past. Even easier to lose oneself amongst the dated machines and mechanical artifacts. But as one pulls away and looks out toward the bustling factory floor, full of new employees, new parts and new sleek machines, it’s just as easy to see how Oliver Manufacturing is as innovative as it ever has been.


Worldwide Reputation for Gravity Separation Performance

Oliver Manufacturing has a legendary reputation across North America, South America, Asia and New Zealand. As a manufacturer of highly efficient, low maintenance gravity separators, destoners, precision sizers, and fluidized bed dryers. Our machines prove themselves daily as an invaluable tool in businesses. From small farms and timber mills to multinational agricultural and industrial mining, recycling, and powder bulk installations. A seasoned sales staff combined with an unparalleled engineering team give Oliver the clear edge over the competition. Providing solutions to the processing industry is what  Oliver does best.