Prove It

Performance so Superior We’ll Prove It

proveit53Oliver lets you separate more materials, into more grades, more precisely, longer, more consistently and more cost-effectively than any other machine. Don’t believe us? Send us a sample of any of your materials and we will prove it!

Send us a sample of your toughest batch of seed  whether you’re separating for consistency or removing contaminants. We’ll run a lab analysis demonstrating just how thoroughly and accurately we can process your product. We’ll tell you all you need to know about the process, along with the equipment we recommend.

Oliver Manufacturing considers all processing of customer samples to be confidential. No mention of customer information will be released nor will test results be discussed outside Oliver Manufacturing Co., Inc. unless approved in writing by customer. We have a non-disclosure agreement available upon request.

Oliver maintains its own library of photos that are taken in association with samples that are processed. Additionally, from time to time we video samples for use in promotional material. Your indication below  would allow for this video footage usage. If the box below is not filled out we will assume we do not have permission and will not use any of your information for promotional activities.