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The support of our products is a big reason why Olivers sold in the 1930s are still in use today.

Your Oliver machine is the lifeblood of your processing operation. We keep detailed records on nearly every Oliver ever built, which means we’re your best resource to repair, maintain, and upgrade your equipment. Our engineering and manufacturing teams can service machines far outside the warranty period.

Genuine replacement parts from a large in-stock inventory, a fast order and shipping system, meaningful technical support and professional engineering and installation help from the best distributing dealers in the business. Many parts orders ship the same day.

We stand behind every Oliver gravity separator, sizer, destoner, and fluidized bed dryer no matter how old it is, whether in warranty or out.

Our equipment lasts for decades, and that’s attributed to quality engineering and construction. To keep your gravity separator or destoner operating at peak efficiency, it still requires regular maintenance.

It’s a great idea to perform service prior to the start or at the conclusion of processing season to make certain that your equipment is ready to deliver when you need it the most.


Oliver has the resources to do just that:

In-shop or on-site options
Seasonal maintenance plans
Online & phone support
Full line of equipment
Operating specifications
Manuals & instructions

Automation Retrofit >

Save money, improve performance, and breathe new life into your older Oliver equipment.

Oliver’s factory upgrade kit* introduces full automation for all aspects of gravity table adjustment, operation and clean out. The integration of programmable logic circuitry and electronic control/hydraulic sensors add both precision and repeatability over separator input parameters, including:


Air control
Table tilt
Eccentric vibration
Feed rate


Automation Refit User Interface


The Automation Refit brings online connectivity, remote support, custom recipes, and other improvements to the Oliver Maxi-Cap line of separators.


The upgrade kit—which can usually be installed on-site in a matter of days—provides measurable improvements in consistency and performance, and is compatible with most plant-wide integrated processing scenarios.


5 reasons to automate your Oliver Maxicap:

#1. New digital controls deliver an unprecedented level of control

#2. Create, load, and adjust favorite settings with a swipe of the finger

#3. Get new hires up to speed quickly with simplified training

#4. Saved settings allow you to overcome staff turnover and loss of “trade” information

#5. Save time and money with remote diagnostics, maintenance, and assistance


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*Applies to Maxi-Cap Gravity Separator models 2400, 3000, 3600 and 4800.

Refurbishing Service >

Give your Oliver a new lease on life by restoring it to ‘like new’ condition with our refurbishing service.

When your gravity separator or destoner carries the Oliver name, you are assured of decades of reliable, durable performance.


Automation Retrofit


An Oliver employee gives personal attention to a client during equipment training session.


When parts wear out, the same manufacturing technicians who build new Oliver machines will re-manufacture or replace worn out parts to return your Oliver machine to original performance.


Expansive inventory of parts
New part fabrication available
Thorough inspection of machine
Guaranteed results


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Training & Education Programs >

It’s not uncommon for an Oliver to be passed down from generation to generation and all the original instruction and training can be lost to time. Add the inevitable loss of knowledge due to employee retirement and seasonal help, and it is easy to understand how the best practices, maintenance, and settings can vary from year to year or run to run—which costs you time and loss profit.


Oliver training


An Oliver trainer gives personal demonstration to a client during an equipment training session.


Let our expert team of trainers help tighten up your operations, fill in missing blanks, and bring you and your staff up-to-speed on everything your Oliver can do!


Training options include:

Settings & configuration
Maintenance & repair
Train the trainer
On-site instruction
Online webinars
Group setting or one-on-one
Annual discounts for recurring maintenance plans
Customized programs


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