Precision Sizer

What is a Precision Sizer?

As the name implies, a precision sizer is a machine that can size granular material like seeds, rice, barley, wheat, oats, shelled peanuts, beans, and a variety of other small particles. The machine divides these incoming particles into different cylinders based on their width and thickness as they pass through perforations inside the cylinders. The larger materials are then carried to the end of the machine. These machines are so precise because of the cylindrical motion, which presents the particle in a variety of directions and angles. Particles are typically put through a precision sizer before they go into a gravity separator.

Precision Sizer Uses

Precision sizers are commonly used by seed, grain, and milling operations to sort out rocks, twigs, and other unwanted particles that could potentially contaminate a product. Sizers free products of all major contamination by size and shape (for example, round from flat, or whole beans from half beans). Coffee manufacturers will also find precision sizers helpful for sorting out any impurities that may have gotten mixed in with their harvested beans. Oliver Sizers are a very useful piece of machinery for most processing companies that wants to ensure their product is high quality and free of any unwanted particles and contaminants.

Oliver Manufacturing Precision Sizers

Oliver Manufacturing’s precision sizer, called the Size Right, is effectively and efficiently able to separate products down to the industry’s most accurate screen tolerance between +0.002” to -0.002”.  The particle intake is located at the top of the machine and passes down through it before dropping into a cylinder. Particles that pass through the perforations in the cylinder trickle down onto a conveyor and can be deposited on either side of the machine. The Size Right can be set up with a multitude of screen sizes and shapes and configured in a variety of ways, and different cylinders can be changed out quickly.

Over 90 Years of Granular Separation Innovation

At Oliver Manufacturing, we’ve been committed to creating efficient and durable equipment for nearly a century. In that time, we’ve become an innovative industry leader that businesses in many different industries can count on. Contact us today to learn more about our Right Size precision sizer and how it’ll benefit your operations!