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Uniform Drying for Treated Seeds

How the Fluid Bed Drying Works

Applied seed technology is growing rapidly as treatments are added to seed to protect against pests, increase germination rates and make it more resilient. This increases slurry on the seeds, which results in clumping, and ultimately impacts throughput of the facility slowed by tackiness and bridging.

A fluid bed dryer stops these problems from arising. It allows for gentle drying of the seed and restores flowability for processing and packaging. It also creates consistent coverage on the seed, which will lead to better performance and appearance.

After just one use with our fluid bed dryers you can see how the particles are not harmed or damaged in anyway within the drying process. It is a reliable machine that will prevent your materials form clumping or becoming unmanageable in the future. Overall, you have more control and less waste when it comes to your output of materials.

Want to get the full scoop on how our machine works? Looking to find a way to get your hands on one of these machines? Watch the video above to understand how the drying of treated seed really works or get in touch with us to discover how you can use this .