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When your Machines Last Decades, the Parts had Better Match Up

Many Oliver gravity separators and other machines that were designed and built in the 1930’s, 1940’s are still in use today. The industries that use our machines are vast (for instance seed and nut customers) so we keep a wide range of replacement parts available on hand in our factory. What parts we don’t have in stock, we fabricate from scratch right in our facility.

In order to get the best results we will need you to tell us just a little information first.  To start off, what Oliver gravity separator, precision sizer, destoner, or fluidized bed dryer you have? Next is, the approximate time when it was built. After that we will get you any assistance or parts that you need. We can also offer you guidance if there are any holes or missing links in your operating equipment. 

Still have questions? Don’t know where to start? Call us  for more information at 888-254-7813 or email us at You can also go to our contact us page for more information on how to get in touch. If you would like to find a sales rep near you click here to go to our page where we have them pointed out on a map. 

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