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Precision Sizing - Sorting by Size and Shape

How Precision Sizing Works

Oliver manufacturing has been building the size right machine for sorting size and shape of materials for almost 90 years. With the help of gaining knowledge, experience, and innovations our size right machine has become top of the line in its category. By utilizing cylinders versus a flat screen, our precision sizing can more efficiently sort products by their size and shape. The cylinders (of which we create with different shapes, sizes, and amount of holes in the cylinders) allow specific sizes and shapes to pass through and onto a conveyor.

This machine can be set-up with different screen cylinders: round for sizing or slotted for different shapes. The output of a precision sizer is commonly sized product which can then go on a gravity separator to further refine by bulk density. To look into the types of gravity machines we offer click here. 

Still have questions? Watch the video above to get a more detailed look into how these sizers separate with extreme precision. Curious about how you can get a size right machine or test out how it works on your product? We can do both! Get in contact with us and let us prove to you how this machine can improve your quality of output.