Westrup Cleaners

Westrup cleaners are large, specialized machines that are used to clean grain, seeds, herbs, cereals, grasses, and other small granular materials. They offer impressive accuracy, precision, and efficiency in not only cleaning but also sorting these materials. Westrup cleaners will be especially useful in helping seed and grain operations achieve the highest quality seed germination, purity, and uniformity.

Westrup is based in Denmark, and we are proud to be partnering with them in the North and South American markets.

Westrup cleaners and additional products at Oliver Manufacturing

At Oliver Manufacturing, we offer Westrup precleaners and fine cleaners, both of which are very similar machines but have some important differences to note. Precleaners have a larger area for removing coarse impurities, a process known as “scalping,” while fine cleaners are ideally suited for removing more minor impurities, which is known as “sifting.”

In addition to these models, we also offer a variety of other Westrup products like screeners (graders), trimmers (de awners), brushing machines, and more. These modular components can enable precleaners and fine cleaners to also remove more types of impurities and sort seeds by size, length, shape, color, and even specific gravity. These additional products will ensure your cleaners have the best configuration for any process so you can easily adapt as your needs change.

Every seed is subject to its own conditions, and factors like environmental conditions, changing agronomic trails of fields, and choices made before planting all combine to make each seed and every harvest unique. This means seeds will require specific processing. Westrup cleaners and other products allow you to easily change and adapt in response to these things while still ensuring a high-quality product.

Why buy Westrup cleaners from Oliver Manufacturing?

Oliver Manufacturing has over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing equipment and granular separation industries, and it’s always been our goal to help make the planet more productive. We are driven to innovate and pride ourselves on only offering today’s leading products, like these Westrup cleaners.