Maxi-Cap Gravity Destoners

Maxi Cap Destoners are the largest and most efficient destoners we have to offer. These machines also have an incredibly high volume, able to process up to 60,000 lbs. of dry granular materials per hour and reliably remove a variety of similar-sized contaminants. This makes our Maxi Cap Multi Grain Destoner machines are the ideal solution for large scale processing facilities. This could include beans, nuts, corn, seeds, grain, wheat, rice, and more.

A Maxi Cap Gravity Destoner from Oliver Manufacturing can effectively extract a wide variety of different impurities from a product that may be similar in size and shape to the desirables, but have different weights. This includes small rocks, plastics, metals, glass, sand, twigs, and more. Our destoning process adds value to a product, minimizes losses, and prevents damage to other equipment in the processing line. Our Maxi Cap Destoners will remain efficient and dependable lot after lot, aiding your operations for decades. Thanks to our many years of innovation, we know we can offer an unmatched combination of durability and precision.

How it works

Maxi Cap Destoners work using a combination of fluidization and vibration to reliably separate small, dry granular material of a similar size and shape into two fractions according. After the material has been fed into the feeder, it gets fluidized by pressurized air being blown up through the belt, which is tilted and rapidly moving back and forth. The lighter particles are blown above heavier ones and flow over them to be bagged or passed through the clean discharge end. Heavier materials are driven up to the rock trap discharge end to be thrown away, recycled, or re-processed. A Maxi Cap Multi-Grain Destoner machine from Oliver Manufacturing will perform this process reliably and precisely for many more years to come.

Trust Oliver Manufacturing’s 90+ years of innovation

At Oliver Manufacturing, we’re proud of our extensive history of innovation that spans almost a century. These decades of experience and expertise have made us the industry leader in Destoners and other processing equipment and machinery, and we guarantee that our Max Cap Destoners will provide similar longevity.