Used Equipment

Used Equipment

We buyback and resell used Oliver machines after we update them to meet our design standards. We ensure our pre-owned equipment is running and operating like new.  You’ll get a machine that looks new and runs new for a fraction of the original cost. If current listings don’t catch your interest or offer what you’re looking for, just contact us for more information! We’ll place your desired item on the reserve list and contact you when it becomes available.  Our used equipment inventory can change on a weekly basis, so be sure to check back often.

Gustafson Seed Treater 

Gustafson’s Mist-O-Matic treaters use weight of seed to operate the seed and chemical measuring system. Each time the weighpan trips, seed flows to the retarding hopper where it is gradually released to a dispersion cone. At the same time chemical treatment is being delivered. Capacity varies from 100-500 bushels per hour depending on type of seed. The coating chamber has a hexagonal design that tumbles seed a maximum number of times and provides delicate handling

Used Oliver Machines 

We will refurbish the equipment listed below to fit your separation needs.

  • Model 80 
  • Model 161, Right Hand
  • Model 3600

For more information on machine specifications see our products page.

For inquires or quote requests, please contact a sales associate. 

Used Oliver Decks

Decks are one of the most vital  parts of Oliver equipment. You need a good deck in order to dry, separate, or destone any given product or material.  Like our machines we will refurbish used Oliver decks like new. 

Currently in stock:

  • 3600 LH 6 mesh plain steel
  • 3600 LH SS 60 twill, this deck has full parting strips. Does not have 2” parting strips.


For more information, please email our Parts Department.