Fluidized Bed Dryer

What is a Fluidized Bed Dryer?

A fluidized bed dryer (FBD) is a machine that can prevent clumping and remove external moisture from seeds or pelletized seeds. They can shorten the drying time of a  variety of seeds. Fluidized bed dryers use the principle of fluidization to convert granular material from a static solid state into a more dynamic fluid-like form and then introduce hot air that is passed up around the particles. The granular material is then suspended in the air, surrounded by it as if it’s in a bed of boiling liquid. This results in a high moisture removal rate and uniform dried material output.

Fluidized Bed Dryer Uses

A fluidized bed dryer is a machine that can remove external moisture from treated seeds. The key advantages of fluidized bed drying emerge from good solids mixing, prevent clumping, high mass, and heat transfer, and prevent damage of thermo-sensitive materials. The granular material is then effectively mixed, creating a homogenous material at the vertical cross-section of the dryer. Due to fluidization and slope, the granular material moves forward along the dryer producing a uniformity of dry product exiting on the discharge end.

Oliver Manufacturing Fluidized Bed Dryer

Oliver Manufacturing’s fluidized bed dryer can efficiently dry product, improve its appearance, prevent it from clumping, and simplify cleanup. Uniformly dry product will also flow better and not clump up or get stuck in containers, on conveyor belts, or in packaging equipment. While it was primarily created to be used in the grain and seed industry, it has several different applications and can benefit a variety of industries. Platinum (DVX) and standard modules are available.

Nearly a Century of Innovation

For almost a decade, Oliver Manufacturing has been creating and innovating efficient and durable granular separating solutions. Today, we’re an industry leader that many businesses trust and rely on for the equipment and machinery they need to improve their operations and product. Contact us today to learn more about solutions like our fluidized bed dryers!