Seed & Grain

Where it all began. Oliver separators have been separating seed & grain since the 1930’s. Our dependable seed and grain processing equipment filters cracked, damaged, diseased, lightweight or contaminated seed and grains, resulting in the finest quality seed separation available. Our reputation is built on performance and reliability.

We are proud to say our team of experts continues to work diligently to improve our Seed Separation Equipment to stay ahead of the changing industry. Our engineers are trained and educated on our seed and grain processing equipment as well as the entire line needed to run a successful lot. The Seed Treatment Equipment Oliver offers can process a wide variety of seed and grain varying in all shapes and sizes.

Our product line is fully equipped to improve the density of your product and to sort and remove waste. The process of stratification on an Oliver Voyager is what allows good seed to climb up the table and down into the bag.  We prioritize ongoing product research to always improve our Seed Separation Equipment, we’re constantly looking for new crops and materials that can take advantage of our machines’ ability to process impurities and sort more efficiently. There is a reason we have been in this industry for such a long time. Contact us and see how we can help improve your product today with our seed and grain processing equipment!

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