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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of coating on an overcover versus plain steel?
The overcover helps gain traction and moves the product down the table. Helps extend the life of your overcover.

What’s the difference between dual lock and Velcro?
Dual lock is stronger, Velcro gets dirty and loses stickiness, dual lock can pull on and off without wear, dual lock sticks to itself versus hook and loop Velcro.

What’s the difference between a pillow block and a take-up bearing?
Another term used for pillow blocks is saddle bearings, and these take up for eccentric rotation. A pillow block is used to hold the shaft in place.

Why is the product not flowing down my table?

  • Poor eccentric drive
  • Clogged undercover
  • Blinded overcover
  • Not enough air
  • Machine mechanics

What type of hydraulic oil does my gravity take? And how much?

  • Food grade oil or transdraulic oil.
  • The entire system holds 3 gallons.

How often do I grease my machine?
Once a year or every 1,000-1,500 hours.

Do I need a dust hood on my machine?
A dust hood on the machine is for your safety and provides better housekeeping and prevents the clogging of external filters or screens.

How do I clean my deck and my filters?
Use a shop vacuum to clean the filter, and compressed air to blow out the deck while the machine is running.

What are riffles and why do I need them on my deck?
Riffles help to drive the good product up and slows product down from running straight off the deck.

How do you define the handing of a machine?
Standing on the discharge end of the machine, whatever side the heavies are on is what hand your machine is.

What’s the benefit of having a counterbalance on my machine?
A counterbalance works to eliminate the vibration and shake of your machine, which makes the movement of your eccentrics more fluid.

Why should I upgrade to a Platinum series?
Platinum-series machines cater to the next generation of seedmen and operators, allows for remote support, provides better control of your adjustments, ability to save settings and create recipes, allows communication to your plant.

How fast do I run my machine? What RPMs do I set it at?
Average speed is between 480-520 rpm.