NoroGard X Westrup Seed Treaters

Oliver Manufacturing is the proud North American distributor of NoroGard treaters. NoroGard is continuously involved in developing seed dressing methods to fit new seed treatment formulations in close collaboration with the chemical companies and universities.

NoroGard offers a full range of seed treaters. They provide treaters with various capacities and advantages. We can help you find the best laboratory treater, batch treater and continuous flow treater for whatever your needs may be.

Oliver and NoroGard have been working together for many years to offer you the best solution for your seed conditioning needs.

Norogard is one of the most well-known and trusted names in the seed treatment industry, and its seed coating technology is second to none. The company has been manufacturing a variety of seed treaters for over 50 years, and today they offer several different models. This includes batch seed coaters, continuous seed treaters, and laboratory seed treaters. All models have been designed, developed, and built based on the needs of customers and guarantee top quality application on every seed, reliable and consistent dosing, and a range of capacities.

What do NoroGard seed treaters do?

All NoroGard seed treaters are used to protect seeds against pests and environmental factors like extreme cold or wet conditions that could impact overall crop performance. To do this, seed treatment is sprayed onto the seed at multiple angles, resulting in 360-degree coverage. In addition to protecting against pests, treatment can also result in better overall crop performance because they give seeds the extra defense they need for a healthy, uniform start after being planted.

Norogard treater models

Every type of NoroGard treater will effectively provide crops with the protection they need, but some are better suited for specific applications. Batch seed coaters are ideal for seeds that require complex treatments like peletizing or when you need to apply multiple layers of treatment with a drying period in between. With a maximum capacity of 45 tons per hour, continuous seed treaters have been designed to handle high volumes of seed and will enable an even flow. Laboratory seed treaters are, unsurprisingly, best suited for use in laboratories. They are also very versatile, allowing coating, pelleting, dressing, and incrustation.

Why buy from Oliver Manufacturing

Both Oliver Manufacturing and NoroGard have been innovative leaders in the manufacturing and separation equipment for several decades. We proudly carry many of their seed treaters because, like us, they have a great deal of pride in their engineering and make high-quality machines that are efficient, durable, and reliable.