Hi-Cap Seed Destoners

Hi Cap Seed Destoners, are essential for coffee beans, wheat, rice, grains, and other small, dry granular materials because of the high volume of stones and other debris from harvest. They separate and remove contaminants – like stone – from a product before it is packaged and sold commercially or used to make another product. These high-capacity seed destoner machine models can accommodate larger quantities of dry bulk materials for more efficient cleaning. In addition to stone, destoners can also extract sand, glass, metals, plastics, and other small unwanted particles.

Our Hi Cap gravity destoner machines are efficient and durable machines that can accommodate any harvest desirables less than 1/2” in diameter. They are easy to operate, require minimal adjustments to perform optimally, and feature long-lasting construction. When changes need to be made, the machine’s deck tilt, airflow, product feed rate, and eccentric speed can all be adjusted safely while in operation. No matter your needs, we guarantee that an Oliver Manufacturing Hi Cap Destoner will add value to your product while also minimizing losses and damage for decades.

How it works

Destoners separate granular materials of similar sizes by weight. After product has been fed through the feeder onto the deck air blows up through the perforated screen, allowing the heavy product to fall to the bottom of the deck and pushing the lighter particles to float freely above the surface. The deck is also vibrating rapidly back and forth during this process. The combination of the vibration, the tilt of the deck, and air cause lighter material to flow downhill toward the clean product discharge. Meanwhile the heavier material flows upward towards the stone discharge. An Oliver Manufacturing Hi Cap Gravity Destoner machine will separate granular material into two fractions efficiently and reliably every time.

90 years of innovation you can count on

Oliver Manufacturing’s has a 90+ year history of innovation, and we’ve been industry leaders for decades. In that time, our commitment to building equipment that is equally durable and efficient has never wavered. Our Hi Cap Seed Destoners are a perfect example of this, and we guarantee they will provide years of reliable and predictable service.