Oliver Processing Technologies

new_techIntroWhile our most reliable component is gravity, we are constantly at work improving reliability, durability and effectiveness of each component of Oliver gravity separators and processing equipment through technology. As a result, every advancement in our machines pays off over the longest term possible for their owners. 

Today, many of the most advanced improvements we have introduced revolve around automation and control. Through our partnership with Allen-Bradley®, the new Voyager, Maxi-Cap Platinum and Fluidized Bed Dryer include completely automated, menu-driven operation and power controls. These translate into simplified setup (less down time for the little adjustments), accurate repeatability (with the same settings available with the touch of a button you get better results) , and reduced training (less time spent on the unnecessary changes you can now do with the touch of a finger) needed to get optimal results. All of this means you can control more and waste less when it comes to your output of product. 

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