Making a Good Machine Even Better

No other processing manufacturer has innovative automation processing equipment to the degree that Oliver has. Our new power controls and automated operation simplify setup and operation. To add even more benefits it also helps operators with a minimum of training achieve professional results. Automation also enables these machines to be integrated into today’s automated, 24/7 plant operations in the agriculture, lumber, powder bulk, recycling, lumber and mining industries.

Here’s how it works: Programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) govern every function, from table tilt to fan speed, and memorize setups for up to 20 routines, including pre-programmed cleanout cycles enabling an automated separator to switch between materials or batches very quickly. Adjustments can either be recalled from memory or made manually, and entered into memory. Machines can also be controlled or monitored remotely over an in-plant network, making integration into the most advanced facilities a seamless process.

The new Voyager and Maxi-Cap Platinum gravity separators, as well as the new Fluidized Bed Dryer , represent a revolutionary improvement in the separating machinery industry. For a closer look at how innovative automation plays out on the single most advanced separator in the market today check out our blog and innovation page.