Industrial Applications

The industrial industry is characterized by its large production of goods and services through diverse processes, technologies, and resources. This includes manufacturing, energy production, construction, and more. Recycling equipment manufacturing and upcycling are key strategies within this industry, aimed at promoting sustainability, waste reduction, and resource conservation as part of industrial processing solutions.

  • Recycling: This process entails altering waste streams, identifying reusable products, and transforming them into new materials.
  • Upcycling: A step beyond recycling, upcycling enhances the value, quality, or functionality of discarded materials by repurposing them into new products.

Materials involved in these processes include:

  • Minerals, Metals, Glass
  • Copper, Titanium, Plastics
  • Tire Rubber, Turf, Wood Chips, Sand, and more

If you don’t know whether gravity separation can help your particular process or end product, contact us for a lab analysis of your raw materials. We’ll show you what kind of separation accuracy is possible and the best fit for your product. Let Oliver Manufacturing help you reach new heights today!

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