Seed destoner machines are a specific type of dry separation equipment. As the name implies, they can remove small amounts of heavy contaminants like stones from rice, wheat, coffee, beans, grains, seeds, and other dry granular materials. For companies that commercially produce these kinds of products, a destoner is an essential piece of equipment. In addition to stones, destoners can also effectively remove glass, metals, and other similarly sized items from a stream of dry materials.

Destoner Uses

Destoners, including grain destoner machines, are commonly used in the coffee industry to separate rocks, twigs, small plastics, and other impurities that have gotten mixed in with coffee beans, but they have a number of other applications. They’ll prove to be an especially useful piece of equipment to any seed processing company, as they help ensure a quality product that is free of any unwanted particles and contaminants. Destoners are also used in the milling industry, seed sector, and recycling.

Destoners can be used alongside gravity separators to ensure a product has higher quality and is free of any contaminants and impurities, small or large. They’ll be just as effective regardless of if they are used ahead of or after a gravity separator in a processing line.

How Oliver Manufacturing Destoners Work

Our seed destoner machines can separate and remove stones, glass, metals, and other small amounts of unwanted materials using a fluidized bed of air and a vibrating deck that has been tilted – the same principles that apply to gravity separation. Products get fed into the deck and are then fluidized by bursts of pressured air that is blown up from underneath the bed. Lighter particles are blown up higher than heavier particles, and the downward tilt and vibrating motion of the deck allow them to flow to the bottom of the deck. Heavier particles – the stones, glass, metal, and other contaminants – are moved up.

Oliver Manufacturing – Almost a Century of Innovation

For nearly almost a century, Oliver Manufacturing has been an industry leader with high-quality products that businesses in the nut seed, grain, coffee, recycling, mining, and lumber industry can count on. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to building equipment that perfectly combines efficiency and durability, and our destoners are no exception. Contact us today to learn more about grain destoner machines and how they’ll save you time and money while still ensuring a quality product!