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Oliver Factory Refurbishing

When your gravity separator or destoner carries the Oliver name, you are assured of decades of reliable, durable performance. To help maximize your investment, Oliver offers an official Factory Refurbishing Service Program. This way we ensure our machines help you to have the best output of material separation that you can on a day to day basis.

Concerned about whether or not the refurbished machine will work the same or better? Don’t be. When any parts wear out, the same manufacturing technicians who build new Oliver machines daily will remanufacture or replace your worn out parts. This will make your machines ability  return to its original Oliver performance. Or another option is to upgrade the machine with the latest performance enhancements offered on the brand new machines. Oliver is constantly coming up with innovations to better serve you on all of our equipment.

Regardless of whether or not your machine is still under warranty, Oliver is here to help you get your machines running in top condition. Have questions on how this service could help you? Not sure if your machine can be fixed? We can help answer all of these refurbishing service questions.

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