Hi-Cap Seed Gravity Separator Machines

A Hi Cap Gravity Separator is a specialized type of gravity separator designed to separate greater quantities of granular material much faster and more efficiently because of its higher capacity.

This can include grass seed, soybeans, vegetable seed, peas and lentils, beans, cereal grains, and other small dry bulk particles that are similar in size and weight. The seed gravity separator machine can be used to purify and add value to a product by removing heavier, denser particles and contaminants from lighter products of the size and shape. Our Hi Cap Gravity Separators can reliably separate similarly sized particles with as little as 0.5% difference in density.

Our Hi Cap Seed Gravity Separator machine comes with customizable features that can be safely adjusted while in operation for added convenience and ease of use. With several screen options available, its guaranteed to meet all your needs.

How it works

To separate free-flowing material by particle density, a Hi Cap Gravity Separator with a combination of air, eccentric motion, deck tilt, end raise, and feed rate. Once the Hi-Cap Gravity is turned on, all adjustment setting should be set for the specific product to allow a proper separation. On the Hi-Cap Gravity Separator, (models 31, 51, 161 & 241) lighter particles are moved upward through the fluidized bed, and heavier particles sink downward. This air essentially makes the particles weigh themselves. The deck itself is tilted uphill and quickly shifting in a perpendicular eccentric motion. This allows the lighter particles to flow over the top of the heavier particles to the bottom of the deck while heavier particles are driven up and over the top. This process allows our gravity separators to separate both light and heavy contaminants from a product simultaneously.

Using our Hi-Cap Gravity is simple for operators. The technology adjustment settings are simple and user-friendly for everyone in the industry.

Oliver Manufacturing’s 90+ years of innovation

Oliver Manufacturing has a history of innovation that spans nearly a decade. Today, we’re the industry leader in customer satisfaction and longevity. You can trust that one of our legendary Hi-Cap Gravity Separators will deliver decades of reliable and predictable service.