About Us

Meet Our Staff

Brian Burney, President/CEO

Brian Burney is a third generation family member who currently serves the company as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Board of Directors. He has learned everything about the company by working his way up through every area of the business. Participation and interaction with industry professionals, combined with collegiate development courses, has allowed Brian to understand how to lead a world class manufacturer in today’s global economy. brian.burney@olivermanufacturing.com

Joe Pentlicki, Vice President/COO

Joe joined the Oliver Manufacturing team in August 2010 as Operations Manager. Holding responsibilities for activities directly related to making products and/or providing services to Oliver customers, including managing the efforts of department’s managers, directing and coordinating financial activities of the company and managing day-to-day operations of workers. joe.pentlicki@olivermanufacturing.com

Melanie Knapp Burney, Director of Finance

Melanie is a graduate of the University of Denver with a BS in Accounting. She overseas finance, accounting, HR, logistics, inventory, and procurement. Melanie plays an important role in our everyday operations here at Oliver. melanie.burney@olivermanufacturing.com

Sasikumar (Kumar) Devarajan, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Kumar joined Oliver as a Design and Manufacturing Engineer in August 2006 with a degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He is an integral part of our engineering and research and development team. Mail To: kumar.devarajan@olivermanufacturing.com

Troy Jackson, Regional Territory Manager

Troy has 18 years of experience at Oliver, working in all manufacturing departments with his current role being our main internal sales. His experience makes him an invaluable member of Team Oliver. Troy is the regional territory manager for Canada, Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, California New Mexico, Nevada, and Oklahoma. troy.jackson@olivermanufacturing.com

Lauren Wilken, Regional Territory Manager

Lauren brings over 20 years of experience to our team, with a focus on whole facility solutions and seed treating expertise. Based in Twin Fall Idaho, Lauren will continue to provide excellent support and service to the surrounding states for Oliver Manufacturing customers. Contact Lauren today and see how our team can help your team.  lauren.wilken@olivermanufacturing.com

Ian Ely, Director of South American Operations

Ian Jepsen Ely graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) with a degree as an Agronomist Engineer. After graduation, Ian worked with Yoki Alimentos S.A. (now own by General Mills). He was a popcorn researcher. He coordinated all trials in 2 different regions of Brazil. After 3 years working at the research farm he took a position at Yoki Alimentos as Industrial Supervisor where he was in charge of sampling, unloading, storage, insect control, fumigation, classification and cleaning of grains. In the Fall of 2012, Ian opened a firm in Brazil to legally represent Oliver Manufacturing. Today he is using his strong background with farming and food processing as a full time representative for Oliver in South America. ian.ely@olivermanufacturing.com

Dave Means, Customer Service Manager

Dave Means is Team Oliver’s Customer Service Manager. He has 20 years of experience working on equipment. He plays an important role helping our customers with hands on training experiences, service calls, and installations. dave.means@olivermanufacturing.com

Lauren Berg, C.S.I.

Lauren is a graduate of University of Northern Colorado. She joined Team Oliver in June of 2018. She holds the title of CSI and is responsible for integrating our customers with the Oliver family and supports sales, marketing and engineering. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact her! lauren.berg@olivermanufacturing.com