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Brian Burney, President/CEO

Brian Burney, President/CEO

The third generation of the family to lead Oliver Manufacturing, Brian’s path as the company’s future leader began modestly enough–working his way from the bottom and learning everything there was to know about every department. A tirelessly inquisitive leader, Brian is the driving force behind the innovation and thoughtful guidance that leads Oliver as a world-class manufacturer in today’s global economy.


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Joe Pentlicki, Vice President/COO

Joe Pentlicki

Joe joined the Oliver team in 2010 as Operations Manager and guides the business of making our products and providing customer service. As COO, he manages the company’s day-to-day operations, including interfacing with team managers and directing financial operations.


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Melanie Burney, Director of Finance

Melanie Burney, Director of Finance

Melanie is an indispensable part of the Oliver family, leveraging her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Denver to guide the financial, human resource, logistics, inventory, and procurement efforts.


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Sasikumar (Kumar) Devarajan, Engineering Manager

Sasikumar (Kumar) Devarajan, Manufacturing Engineer Manager

Kumar’s influence on Oliver’s engineering and R&D team over the last two decades is unquestioned. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. His education and experience have helped shepherd new construction and automation capabilities advancements to our product lineup.


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Ian Ely, Director of South American Operations

Ian Ely, Director of South America Operations

Armed with a degree in Agronomist Engineering from the Universidad Federal de Rio Grande do Sul and three years of popcorn researcher experience; Ian’s journey led him to Oliver in 2012. As our legal representative based in Brazil, he now uses his strong background in farming and food processing to promote Oliver Manufacturing’s incredible lineup of products in South America.


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Dave Means, Service Manager

Dave Means, Customer Service Manager

You’re in excellent hands with Dave Means. His 20 years of equipment maintenance and repair make him an ideal person to help our customers with training, service calls, and installations.

Lauren Berg, C.S.I.

Lauren Berg, Customer Success and Integration Manager

Since 2018, Lauren has been the friendly voice you hear when you call Oliver’s headquarters. She seamlessly connects customers to our support, sales, marketing, and engineering teams. Lauren is the first number on your speed dial if you’re unsure who to call.


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