Fluidized Bed Dryer (Automated)

  • Oliver DVX Fluidized Bed Dryer Model 616
  • Oliver DVX Fluidized Bed Dryer Model 307

Oliver DVX Fluidized Bed Dryers are a deluxe version of our legendary dryers. Complete with the bells and whistles like touch screen control panels and automation, the DVX series prevents product clumping, simplifies cleanup, and improves the finished appearance of seed coatings and treatments. And all while cutting dry time! This is a revolutionary solution to the frustrations of clumping and bridging treated seeds and edibles. The dryer uses a combination of air in motion through a vibrating, tilted table. Seed flow is converted to a “fluidized” suspension, making gentle, uniform drying possible for coated, treated, or washed seeds.

Models: DVX 304, DVX 307, DVX 410, DVX 512, DVX 616

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Product Features

Height 82”

(209 cm)


(229 cm)


(239 cm)


(295 cm)

Width 66”

(168 cm)


(152 cm)


(178 cm)


(279 cm)

Length 117”

(297 cm)


(366 cm)


(442 cm)


(660 cm)

Weight 2,850 lbs

(1,293 kg)

4,000 lbs

(1,814 kg)

5,600 lbs

(2,540 kg)

7,600 lbs

(3,447 kg)

Deck size 36” x 84”

(91 cm x 213 cm)

48” x 120”

(122 cm x 305 cm)

60” x 144”

(152 cm x 366 cm)

72” x 207”

(183 cm x 526 cm)

Air/fan sections 2 2 3 3
CFM maximum 9,000

(255 3m/m)


(510 3m/m)


(765 3m/m)


(906 3m/m)

Estimated water removal 150 lbs/hr

(68 kg/hr)

332 lbs/hr

(151 kg/hr)

500 lbs/hr

(227 kg/hr)

800 lbs/hr

(363 kg/hr)

Estimated capacity (soy) ambient* 315 lbs/min

(143 kg/hr)

600 lbs/min

(272 kg/hr)

900 lbs/min

(408 kg/hr)

1,440 lbs/min

(653 kg/hr)

Estimated power @ 480V 3 Phase 60A 65A 70A 70A
  • Flame
  • Steam
  • Water

Allows operators to easily monitor and adjust all functions of the FBD. This includes a memorized setup for seed type, size, chemical formulation, capacity, and easy cleanout.

  • Centralized touchscreen
  • Tracks and saves batch information
  • Manages air volume, air temperature, and humidity
  • Multiple preset settings and preloaded recipes
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control for easy adjustment of fan speed
  • A separate air system for operation is not required
  • Fluidization prevents erosion of the treated seed
  • Fluidizes and dries treated seed and untreated product(s) evenly
  • Decks are designed and built to product specification with custom overcover and undercover screen size determined for application need
  • Efficient air zone control from initial stratification through final discharge
  • Removes as much as 800 pounds of moisture per hour

Ethernet control can integrate the FBD into the overall plant control system so it can be operated with minimal operator input and maximize the quality throughout the entire process.

Fans allow air to lift seed off the deck at controlled temperatures. Fan speed is controlled with ambient or heated air, or a combination of both.

A larger deck exposes a large quantity of seed to be exposed to a lot of air at the perfect temperature, resulting in the best quality seed with less biological damage.

If space is an issue, Oliver Manufacturing can build a customized catwalk to accommodate any limitations of the processing floor.