“Edible seeds such as popcorn, peas, pinto beans, kidney beans, rice, sunflower, lentil, and peanuts serve one of the most demanding consumer categories of all food processing. Processors, for whom the foreign matter is unacceptable, choose Oliver. Our separators, bed dryers, and destoners provide long term reliability and performance.

Rock, dirt, broken seeds, stalk, fungus, and soil peds are removed with effective precision, even in wet conditions or from materials that are normally difficult to process with food processing equipment. Soil peds get passed many other sold separators. Usually, heavy contaminant rich products are removed on a destoner first in order to send only the grade of material to the density table to be classified by weight, removing splits, broken, immature or off spec food. As a top food processing equipment manufacturer, we make sure that capacity is not sacrificed, retentions gates feature both adjustable during operation and throughout product discard. Call today to speak with one of our food processing equipment specialists to discuss your application needs.

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