R300 Laboratory Seed Treater

  • R300 Lab

The NoroGard R300 is a laboratory seed treater designed for complex treatments to meet high demands regarding application quality, reliability, operator safety and economy. The R300 stands for a sophisticated seed treater for use in the laboratory on a wide variety of applications. Equipped to meet your needs for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting. Ideally suited for defining production parameters prior to production, with a capacity of up to 3000 ml.

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Product Features

  • Adjustable shelf
  • Dosage system with pump for liquids (maximum 2 systems)

The sophisticated software that comes with NoroGard’s dosing systems holds many advantages. It is a system supported by Schneider and allows for modem connection to a mobile device, statistics, calibration, safety measures etc. Not only will it make calibration of dosing rates easier, it also allows for more accurate application on each seed and thereby improve the quality of your production.

The NoroGard R300 is presented with an option of adding a dosage system with pump for liquids. This also equips the equipment with a 3,5″ touch panel that allows for calibration of the dosing rate as well as all other benefits of the NoroGard software.


Power Requirement 0,7 kW
Compressed Air 40 l/min
Capacity (batch volume) 0,3 – 3,0 liter
Motor Speed 120-560 rpm
Spinning Disc 1200-6000 rpm
Outlet Hatch Opening Time, Pneumatic Air Control
Weight 70 kg
Width 500 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 1150-1450 mm
Warranties Orgalime S2012