R800 Batch Seed Treater

  • R800wp

The NoroGard R800 stands for an easily operated batch seed treater, designed for complex treatments with a coating capacity of 15 tons/hour. The seed treater comes with a range of customization options to make sure it fits your pelletizing and coating needs.

With modern complex treatments the R800 will allow you to apply treatment evenly in small dosages for good economy and correct treatment of each seed.

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Product Features

• Manual calibration, Schneider PLC and NoroGard control software with recipe management.


• R800 ULD, automatic calibration with continuous flow control. Schneider PLC and NoroGard control software and recipe management

• Up to ten separate dosage units.

• Powder application systems.

• Air drying systems.

• Printer for printing out statistics.

• Pre-mixing station.

• Remote control box consisting of a touchscreen with display and a start/stop handle. This should preferably be placed at the filling-up station.

•Varied speed of rotor and spinning cup.


Power Requirement 12 kW
Compressed Air 100 l/min
Air Extraction 500 m3/h
Capacity (batch volume) 10-80 liters
Capacity (wheat, 15 sec mixing) 15 ton/hour
Weight 950 kg
Width 866 mm
Depth 1960 mm
Height 1683 mm
Warranties Orgalime S2012