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Westrup, in addition to the traditional Precleaners and Trieurs options, has a complete line of products.

Format separations can be made with our spirals or classifying belts.

Separations by width, use classifiers by screens ( graders ). Our graders can distribute the product in up to 4 sizes, presenting impeccable separation thanks to the quality of the screens and a huge square area (up to 28m 2 ). In some models, suction is included to remove dust or light contaminants such as peels.

Removing difficult foreign matter and contaminants, or perhaps processing product with high humidity, which are normally problems for Precleaners, can be removed through drum cleaners and straw separators .

Light products can be eliminated using air columns

We also have trimmers ( De-awner ) and brushing machines ( Brushing machines ), usually used in forage processing, winter cereals and pastures. They are used to remove edges, peels or detach seed from branches and bunches.

For all equipment we offer motor and fan options to optimize the work, completing the process with cyclones for dust management.

If you need to separate something, but don’t know how, contact us, we want to help you!


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