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All products offered at Oliver Manufacturing are backed by 90 years of knowledge and experience to handle any seed, nut, coffee, recycling, lumber, hemp, and mining industry separating needs.

All of our Gravity Tables, Destoners, and seed grinding machine products are designed to use air to stratify products into various layers according to their density. Through conveyance on our decks, the products layers are separated from one another by allowing the heavier material to travel up the tilted deck, while at the same time the light material moves down. In almost all cases, a product that has similar shape or color can be separated by using this process.

Oliver knows and understands the weight of decisions like these require time and research to find the best food processing equipment supplier that is fit for your needs. Allow us to prove to you what our top of the line machines and customer service can do for you. We offer product testing at our location in La Junta Co and will be available to test your samples ASAP. After this has taken place we can find the best product from our lines that will suit your needs. Visit our Prove It page to learn more about this process and schedule a free consultation.

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