Gravity Separator

What is a Gravity Separator?

Gravity separators, also known as gravity tables, are a type of dry separation equipment. They can process a complex mixture of dry materials and separate the different individual particles depending on their density, resulting in a continuous gradation across a range of different densities. Gravity separators are also commonly referred to as fluidized-bed separators, air tables, and density separators.

Gravity Table Uses

While they are most often used for seed and grain operations, gravity separators, or gravity tables, have a variety of applications. Gravity separators can be used to separate sand, beans, coal, cork, chemicals, and other dry materials in bulk. They’re an essential piece of equipment for any industry that processes a lot of dry materials every day.

How Oliver Manufacturing Gravity Separators Work

Oliver Manufacturing’s gravity separators, often called gravity tables, divide heavier particles of material from lighter particles differing in their specific densities. On gravity separators, lighter particles are moved upward through the fluidized bed, and heavier particles sink downward. This air essentially makes the particles weigh themselves. The deck itself is tilted uphill and quickly shifting in a perpendicular eccentric motion. This allows the lighter particles to flow over the top of the heavier particles to the bottom of the deck while heavier particles are driven up and over the top. This process allows our gravity separators to separate both light and heavy contaminants from a product simultaneously.

The air, eccentric motion, deck tilt, end raise, and feed rate on an Oliver gravity separator are easily modified and can retain adjustment settings for multiple products. Adjustments to the air, motion, and tilt affect the quality of the separation, while the end raises, and feed rate affects capacity.

Oliver Manufacturing – Almost a Century of Innovation

For nearly a century, Oliver Manufacturing has led the way with high-quality products that businesses in the seed, nut, coffee, lumber, recycling, and mining industry can rely on. We’ve always been committed to combining durability and efficiency in our equipment, and these gravity separators are no different. Contact us today to learn more about how these machines can save you time and money!