Mechanical sorting of raw coffee beans can move a harvest to the top of grade. Cleansing and classification of beans by size, weight and density maximizes the quality of each harvest. Oliver Manufacturing has won an international reputation for separators, destoners, precision sizers and fluidized bed dryers that make improvements in the consistency and purity of processed harvest that is visible to the naked eye.

Oliver machinery provides the single most valuable refinement beans need: Uniformity. Oliver gravity separators remove contaminants and sort similar sized beans into increments as mall as 2%, by density. To add value to harvests and minimize process losses and damage on other machinery, Oliver Destoners remove heavy contaminants (such as glass, dirt, stones and metal) from larger quantities of lighter beans. The Oliver Precision Size-Right provides safe, easy and efficient raw product sorting within 0.008″ accuracy, using the tightest screen tolerances available. And Fluidized Bed Dryers use gentle vibration and air circulation to dry coated or treated beans where artificially introduced moisture must be removed quickly and thoroughly before it is absorbed.

Applicable Products For Coffee:

Size Right® Precision Sizer
Fluidized Bed Dryer/Cooler