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Customer Feedback Helps Us Help You

Being a part of the Oliver Team is rewarding for a multitude of reasons. For one, we work on the front lines of seed processing technologies. It’s exciting to know that the industry standard of tomorrow is being forged in our factory. Another reward is the honor of working in facilitation of the agriculture industry. It feels good to know that we’re contributing to feeding millions of families, pets and livestock all across the world. But, nothing beats seeing the satisfaction on a customer’s face when they’ve placed trust in us and we deliver.

It’s the most rewarding part of the job, stronger and more meaningful than any abstract sense of global impact. The best way to guage our success and to prepare for our future is through customer feedback.  Each customer interaction we have builds upon the last one. And each enables us to improve our business and focus the development of our products and services. Thanks to a variety of feedback, some purely positive and plenty full of constructive criticism, we’re able to ensure that our customers continue to get the highest quality of separation achievable. Communication with our customers is what allows us to be a part of the agriculture industry. Our customer’s demands drive the fulfilling work that’s made Oliver Manufacturing an industry standard brand for over 85 years.

If you haven’t gathered by now, we love receiving feedback on how clients are handling our equipment. So much so, that we wanted to share this testimony from longtime customer and friend of the Oliver team, Fred C. Pond of Pond Seed:

I’ve been an Oliver customer for over 20 years and currently operate three pieces of quality equipment from the company.  I run two gravity separation tables and a Fluidized Bed Dryer on a daily basis.  All of them perform with great precision and efficiency.  When service is needed a Specialist from Oliver is on the phone immediately and many times the problem is corrected in a matter of moments.  On several occasions the Oliver Team has boarded a plane and or shipped parts here for a quick and efficient in-field repair.  I have also taken the time to personally visit the Oliver factory and seen firsthand the construction of the equipment.

I personally like the fact that each part is hand made locally in the La Junta facility.  Like any great company the true value of Oliver Manufacturing are the people behind the product.  The expertise and willingness to solve a problem by design, reliability, and service are why my next piece of processing equipment will be an Oliver.

– Fred C. Pond of Pond Seed, Scott, Ohio

Thanks, Fred. We’re always happy to help. And we’re always happy to hear from our clients. You don’t need a 20-year-relationship with us to share your thoughts.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call, email or reach out on Facebook. Whether we’ve worked with you for a month or a decade (or two), you’re a friend of Oliver and your feedback matters.