From Our Blog - June 2017

Is the Latest Tech too Intimidating? Oliver’s Engineering Dept. can Help

It was all hands on deck for Oliver Manufacturing’s engineering department as three representatives of Crop Production Services (CPS) visited company headquarters. They drove for about six hours from Levelland, Texas to meet with Engineering and explore the possibilities of upgrading their equipment.

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Oliver Equipment in Metal Reclamation

Oliver Manufacturing’s focus lies first and foremost on serving the agricultural industry. Oliver equipment processes a variety of seeds, grains and similar products. But the same sorting process used for seeds can be applied to non-agricultural materials as well. In fact, the gravity separator was initially designed for processing minerals and was a staple of … Continue reading Oliver Equipment in Metal Reclamation

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Routine Maintenance Saves Time and Money

There’s nothing that can bring a good, productive work day to a grinding halt like an unexpected malfunction with one’s processing equipment. Even a small hole in one’s wire mesh deck, or some unmaintained fan bearings, can drag a Maxi-Cap 3600’s hourly processing capacity from 500 bushels per hour to zero. As naturally as water weathers … Continue reading Routine Maintenance Saves Time and Money

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Revisiting 87 Years’ Worth of Innovation

Oliver Manufacturing’s industrial warehouse has all one might imagine of a factory situated in the midst of Colorado’s rural plains. The fine smell of dust hangs in the air; hot flashes of light burn from behind protective curtains as workers weld metal together; and the occasional rumblings of one machine or another echo on the … Continue reading Revisiting 87 Years’ Worth of Innovation

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