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Routine Maintenance Saves Time and Money

There’s nothing that can bring a good, productive work day to a grinding halt like an unexpected malfunction with one’s processing equipment. Even a small hole in one’s wire mesh deck, or some unmaintained fan bearings, can drag a Maxi-Cap 3600’s hourly processing capacity from 500 bushels per hour to zero. As naturally as water weathers rock, parts will wear over time. And as we all know, a single downed machine can stall an entire processing line; preventable issues cost time and money that would otherwise belong to the business. Thankfully, there is a simple and proactive way to avoid these situations entirely: routine maintenance.

The easiest way to keep a machine in top condition is to regularly inspect its parts, and to take early note of suspicious symptoms. There is a narrow window of time between planting season and harvest; take advantage of that short lull to carry out thorough maintenance. This will help you identify loose or damaged parts, order replacements and repairs, and get the equipment tuned up before processing and conditioning begins.

If your machine develops a problem overnight, contact your Oliver representative or someone with working knowledge of Oliver equipment. Underlying problems, when allowed to persist, can lead to frustrating and more costly issues later on. For tips on maintaining specific machine parts, check out our full list here.

At Oliver Manufacturing, we understand that all machines require upkeep. We don’t mind assisting clients via service calls, and we recommend that you contact us about in-house routine maintenance. Remember: a little bit of diligence can ensure your Oliver equipment functions as it should, when it should.