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Maxi-Cap Platinum Retrofit

August 5, 2020

Dear Customers,

Maxi-Cap Platinum Retrofit Introduction: We understand the need for your equipment to adapt and keep up with the demands of your production. Which is why we have made it possible to now control your machine like never before with the maxi-cap platinum retrofit.

Want the adjustment of the equipment done faster? With the ease of having digital control settings anyone can quickly switch to or from your company’s favorite control settings with the swipe of a finger. No more hassle having to spend countless hours training new employees on the mynute adjustments. Have a problem with a part or the computer interface? Do no more than call or email our staff and we can remotely help with any problem that arises. Stop the downtime and be able to work your machines to the full capacity.

The Oliver MaxiCap platinum retrofit will not only provide you better consistency, but it will also cut labor through digital maintenance, diagnostics, and remote assistance. In little to know time you will be able to earn back the cost of this software by ‘taking out the trash’ seeds from your crop. This update is what you need to edge above your competition and take the next step in taking your Oliver Maxi-Cap platinum retrofit control to the next level.