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The Oliver Team is Growing!

We have exciting hires to announce in addition to some other changes to the Oliver team. It’s been a busy year, and with some precision planning we’ve pinpointed how we’re going to approach 2019. First off, we welcome to the team Johnny Ortiz, Brian Butler, Brandon Madewell, and Patrick Gonzales. Ortiz is our Inventory Control Specialist. Butler and Madewell are working in Testing, and Gonzales has joined Welding.

We’d also like to announce promotions to the following team members: Tommy Carter to Production Manager; Patrick Lathrum to Logistics and Inventory Manager; Mike Crafton to Purchasing Manager; Michael Barela to Welding Team Lead; Sean Carter to Fab Team Lead; Johnny Gonzales to Fab Team Lead.  Congratulations, guys!

Lastly, we’d like to recognize Jeffrey Fawcett, Material Control Manager, for the years he’s given to this company. Fawcett, has worked with Oliver Manufacturing since 1981 and plans to retire on December 20, 2018. He earned the Mac Award for outstanding employees in 1987. The award is named after R. A. “Mac” McNutt, who’d worked at Oliver Manufacturing since the 50’s. He’d been Shop Supervisor for a long time, and after his retirement the Mac Award went to on employee annually. In 2016, Fawcett was awarded with the Most Valuable Team Member award, which is given out annually to an employee voted for by a committee of past winners.

Congratulations on your retirement, Jeffrey. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the company.