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An attitude of Gratitude

Letter of appreciation from President/CEO Brian Burney

 A consultant we align with recently reminded me of the power of appreciation and communication. 

In a time where our production is at an all-time high and finding employees continues to be an industry challenge. I find myself grateful for the employees I am surrounded by. I have watched our 92-year-old business switch hands from my great-grandfather to my father and then again when I became president, along with it I sought out the people around me whom I have called my employees, my team, and my family. There is an abundance to be thankful for in good and bad seasons of business. Lest we forget businesses are powered by humans and we’ve got the best! We continue to face the ongoing challenges that came along with the pandemic, sickness, job-hopping, zoom fatigue, remote working, and supply chain pain. All of which can have your head spinning as to what will disrupt our lives next. But I know that our dynamic staff can handle any bump in the road because they adapt and unite for creative solutions. The capacity of Oliver’s Manufacturing’s business is reliant upon its people first and foremost. Oliver has some of the most dedicated and committed people anywhere and I am eternally thankful.

Thank You to Team Oliver, you are what makes Oliver what it is.  

President CEO,

Brian Burney