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covid-19 Update

March 19, 2020

Valued Customers,

Thanks to you our manufacturing floor stays busy. We are working on orders for shipments across the US and to Chile, Canada, and Bulgaria.Our covid-19 update at present, things are progressing well, on-time, and we look forward to fulfilling the needs of these customers. Our backlog is still strong, and we have a positive outlook on business activity over the next couple of months.

We at Oliver Manufacturing want to be certain we are keeping you informed as to what we are doing to ensure we continue to be a valued partner to you during times of the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, we will keep you updated as to what we are doing to provide you the valued services and products you deserve.

Our approach has and will continue to be as proactive as we can during the ever changing insights gained as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Below is the current state from an Oliver Manufacturing perspective.

  1. We have reached out to our supply chain and have seen some slight delays in sub-components of components we obtain from outside resources on covid-19. We have worked with our vendor-partners to minimize impact on these items and have alternate sourcing channels to manage the supply chain.
  2. We are taking a proactive approach towards the health and well-being for Oliver employees. As such, we have done the following:
    • We have placed a 30-day hold on travel and are relying on electronic and teleconference means of communication and coordination
    • We have also placed a 30-day hold on visitors to our facility from both a supplier and customer perspective
    • For those visitors, such as transportation partners, responsible for delivery of supplies and pick up of your products, we have limited their access to only incoming and outgoing receiving dock areas
  3. We are testing, confirming, and implementing a remote working protocol for those employees where it makes sense
  4. We are changing the way we conduct meetings
    • We have closed three of our smaller conference rooms and made them off-limits to meetings.
    • We are using teleconferencing for conducting meetings to support social distancing
    • For meetings that need to occur face-to-face, we have opened our cafeteria area for such meetings. This allows us to meet social distancing protocols of having team members not closer than 6 feet from each other. It also allows us to open doors and get natural air flow from external areas.
  5. While at present we have had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our county, we recognize being in a rural community that our team members may travel outside of our county. As such, we are checking and have commitment from our team members to notify leadership if they are traveling personally outside of the county. With this information, we better understand any risk of importing Covid-19 back into our county and our organization.
  6. We are checking the health of our employees and have strict guidelines related to staying home if employees are ill or have a fever.
  7. We have a team of employees who are staying actively aware of the changing dynamics and requirements set by local, state, and federal guidelines. As more information becomes available, we are addressing these in a proactive manner.

Our goal is to continue to provide you the valued services you require and deserve. As things change or we implement new procedures, we will keep you informed.

Thanks for partnering with our team to meet your needs during covid-19,

Joe Pentlicki


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