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New seed industry trends in Brazil.

Clean and size soybeans with one machine.

It comes to no surprise that Brazil stands as a global powerhouse in soybean production, currently holding the number one spot. This remarkable achievement causes a substantial increase in seed processing to support the vast expanses of soybean cultivation. In response to this demand, the seed industry trends in Brazil have realized a shift in soybean processing equipment, with older equipment being replaced by newer, higher capacity, more precise, and more practical units.

One of the most noteworthy seed cleaner trends in this industry is the adoption of the Westrup Fine Cleaner. The Fine Cleaners technology is capable of both cleaning and sizing soybeans. This innovative approach has gained traction primarily in Brazil, driven by the unique need to separate soybeans into two distinct fractions.

Using a Fine Cleaner for dual processing requires large machines equipped with multiple screen layers. The approach offers several advantages, including a more compact operation, quicker screen changes, reduced space requirements, and decreased reliance on elevators for material handling. However, a two-fraction separation process limits productivity, unless one component sacrifices capacity or precision significantly.

The industry is adopting a strategy based on counting kernels per bag rather than measuring kilograms per bag. This approach not only enhances the bagging process but also facilitates more efficient reclamation of soybeans.

For those intrigued by the concept and who believe that integrating cleaning and separation into one unit could benefit their operations, Oliver presents an interesting solution. Through collaboration with Westrup, we offer a wide range of combinations and the highest capacity of equipment available on the market.

Let us know your soybean separation goals and capacity requirements, and we’ll provide you with the most suitable seed cleaner options. The power of a single soybean cleaning machine to streamline your seed processing might pleasantly surprise you.

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