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PRESS RELEASE: Oliver Manufacturing and Westrup join forces in South America.


Oliver Manufacturing and Westrup announce partnership to improve agricultural processing in South America.

Denver, Colorado – September 13, 2023 — Oliver Manufacturing of La Junta, CO in the United States, and Westrup ApS of Slagelse, Denmark is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership to bring improved agricultural capabilities to South America. The two companies bring over 165 years of combined expertise in the separation, sizing, cleaning, and treating of seed, grain, and related products.

“The seed and grain industry has been in a growth cycle for decades; South American Agriculture is productive and has vast potential for growth in the Global Market.,” notes Brian Burney, CEO of Oliver Manufacturing. “Oliver and Westrup both serve the market with high capacity and high-quality solutions. We have similar values to those of the customers we serve. Working together in the seed industry spurs us to update our product offerings and create new relationships that meet the needs of processors. Together Oliver and Westrup complement the needs of our customers.”

“We have always known there is a huge potential for Westrup in South America, and are very excited to be able to explore our opportunities fully with Oliver Manufacturing, who has been a trusted partner of Westrup for years”, says Bo Borne Jørgensen, CEO of Westrup ApS, and continues, “It is a pleasure to finally have an official strategic partnership aligning our ambitions on the continent, and together, I am certain, we will challenge each other to provide the processing solutions required for our South American customers to reach their goals”.

Oliver Manufacturing’s Director of South America operations Ian Ely agrees, “Brazil is in a unique position for agricultural growth, we have the land and technology, now we need to focus on building and maintaining our resources along with infrastructure.”

The expansion of the South American market requires a steady hand and leadership by those companies that provide the hardware and support for the local processors. The Oliver Manufacturing and Westrup partnership ensures producers will enjoy increased reliability and improved processing capability.

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About Oliver Manufacturing

Oliver Manufacturing has been the leading USA-based provider of reliable, durable, and effective equipment for conditioning and refining of agricultural seeds, grains, and solids for nearly 100 years. We offer the first automated and programmable power adjustable machines, and make retrofit-able enhancements for older ones, many of which have been in use for decades. Oliver Manufacturing designs, manufactures, and ships all our machinery from our southern Colorado headquarters to customers across the globe.

About Westrup

For more than 65 years, Westrup has acquired in-depth knowledge and vast experience within seed and grain processing globally. From our offices in the USA, Denmark, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, China, and Australia our sales teams use their expertise to design automated processing plants and help find the solution that suits our customers’ local conditions. We are a full-line supplier providing solutions ranging from pre-cleaning, fine cleaning, and polishing to hulling, separating, sizing, and treating. Westrup’s seed cleaning and sorting equipment is known to be sturdy and reliable, with machines lasting for more than 45 years.

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